On a camel through the desert

A man had to cross a deadly desert and went to the bazar to buy a camel.
But the only quadruped he found was an old horse. He asked the owner if the meager stallion were able to stand three days in the desert.
“Sure, Mister! And you won’t believe it-it will do the ride in just one day!!!”
“In one day? Impossible! What’s the trick?”
“Well, it’s a bit strange, I must admit. Every 10 miles you have to give the stallion a hand-job.”
“Jack him off?”
“Yes, he get’s crazy afterwards and runs the next 10 miles like a maniac!”
The man shakes his head, smiles and pays the price for the horse. Then he mounts the old fellow and starts his ride.
After two miles ride in the hot sand the stallion suddenly stops. The man remembers the funny peculiarity of his pal, reaches back to the enormous prick and rubs it-not without being a bit disgusted. Not long and the stallion shot his cum all over the man’s boots. In the next moment he started to neigh and with a jump he began to run like the devil was behind him!
The man laughed and nearly fell off the saddle-he never rode a faster animal.
But after about ten miles the horse stopped again and waited for his hand-job. Like before the climax drove him mad and he continued to run through the glowing desert.
A third and a fourth time the strange situation repeated but when they had covered about 50 miles the man was neither able to make the stallion come nor to move him single step further. He rubbed and rubbed but nothing happened.
Would he have to die? He panicked! He dismounted the horse to get a better position for jacking off the damned beast and suddenly hesitated.
Was there a label hanging at the hairy balls?

Every 10 miles : jack off
Every 50 miles : give blowjob

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